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“I can see myself using her techniques on a daily basis. I look forward to sharing with my family members. Thank you so much Dr. Klara.” – Tammy

Dr Klara and I met at a women’s conference, and from the moment I heard her speak, I felt like our conjoining paths were divine intervention. I hadn’t planned on being in the middle of a life storm, and I was in the whirlpool of two; one dealing with a life-threatening illness in my father and the other involving mental health in one of my children. The purpose of the conference was to empower ME, to understand the shift that was taking place in my life. By the end of the conference, I had gotten so much more than what I had come in search of, that I continued utilizing Dr Klara’s coaching services. Dr Klara teaches skills to navigate any situation, without bringing “Drama” along for the ride. She empowered me to stand tall, armed with confidence to face life’s toughest, heart-wrenching circumstances, tempering the anxiety that follows me around daily. She has also gotten me on the next path to fulfill my personal goals with renewed energy and a new spark for life. Dr Klara has an endless supply of techniques, literature, and life experiences that will enable you to manage life’s distractions, freeing you to face each day with joy, resulting in a happy life! Tammy Ewing

“Something that really touched me was the emotional tapping and reaching into a situation that I was dealing with.” – Ashley

Dr. Klara is awesome. Her personality draws you in. No BS or false feelings from her. She really cares and helps me to connect the dots. Sometimes we think that we know exactly what to do, but we don’t actually practice what we know is good for us. She breaks it down in a unique way, makes you want to do it, and all of a sudden, everything falls into place! My career and health goals have never been so spot on. Melissa Velez

“She gave me key steps to take to reach my goals, to really work on the things I’m wanting to do and to change, and how to take that goal and turn into action for success. ” – Martine

I am a recent graduate of the Exercise Science & Physical Education MA program at Montclair State University. My dream is to have my own wellness business. However, I realized that to start working more intelligently towards my future I needed to work on some personal issues. These were mainly: my tendency to stress myself over every little thing in my life; my lack of confidence in some aspects of life;, and finally some persistent thoughts I had about myself and how I live my life that were an obstacle to reaching my full potential. That’s how, having met Dr. Klara at the university, I decided to enroll in her coaching program for women. I had worked with Dr. Klara before and I was always drawn to her positive energy towards everything, and when I had my first exploratory session with her I was impressed by how insightful she was after sharing only a few details of my life. What she said in that session resonated very much with me, and I could see that she understood what my issues were and how to address them. Something I really enjoy about our sessions with Dr. Klara is how she goes directly to the issue and catches all of us before we keep repeating the pattern, and she always does it in the most pleasant and fun way. After a few of these coaching sessions I have been able to change some of my thought patterns for the better. I was able to achieve this by recognizing which patterns needed changing, and by acquiring some useful tools to apply on my own to make these changes. Now, I am more aware of the things I think and say to others, and I am able to stop any negative behavior I might engage in when it comes to my self-image. This coaching group has greatly improved my daily life, and now I feel ready to tackle any future challenges it might bring. Maria Gabriela Hernandez Cunto

“I found out a lot about myself that I didn’t know that I need to identify and I’m going to make those changes.” – Debbie

Dr. Gubacs is an incredibly upbeat and motivating person.  She has been a huge inspiration in my journey of self-discovery by pushing me to stretch outside of my comfort zone and never settle for the bare minimum. Her warm but tough personality allows her to always speak to motivate, and she genuinely wants the best for every person she encounters.  One of the most valuable things that Dr. Gubacs has taught me is that we never stop learning, and has demonstrated this in her teaching and coaching.  She has an incredible thirst for knowledge and strives to help anyone in search of guidance, by finding the best method to reach each person in his or her own growth and learning processes.  She is a driven and passionate woman who loves to help and will do whatever is necessary to offer the best advice full of practical ideas and encouragement.  If she is unsure of something, she is not afraid to say so, but will do the necessary research to provide a response to almost any question and will do whatever she can to help an individual achieve their goals.  Dr. Gubacs is a loyal and genuine person, whose transparent integrity and compassion allows her to make an impact on anyone she meets. Shannon Rampton

“I love Dr. Klara’s energy!” 

I have always been a very good student, but throughout my time in the program, I struggled tremendously to pass the Elementary Education Math Praxis.  After failing the praxis a bunch of times, I was feeling extremely discouraged and my testing and performance anxiety level grew stronger.  My first meeting with Dr. Gubacs was via video-chat and was already extremely helpful. We talked for about an hour and a half and we discovered many aspects that could have been preventing me from passing this test. Dr. Gubacs was able to teach me techniques that aligned with the anxiety and pressure that was causing me to fail the test. 

I practiced these techniques everyday and reminded myself to think positively. I found these techniques to be so beneficial that I incorporated them in the Pre-Kindergarten class that I was teaching.  Many of my students had behavioral problems, which caused them to react impulsively. These techniques brought SUCH amazing results to my students, that their parents are even practicing it at home.  Dr. Gubacs has been a major influence on my life.  She has exposed me to different techniques that have helped me become a more positive person.  Truly I believe that my work with Dr. Gubacs helped me pass my math praxis and overcome my testing and performance anxiety. It was a blessing to meet and work with Dr. Gubacs and I know that other people would feel this way as well. Gabriella Ciccone

“She ignited in me, this fun, this excitement. This desire to want to go out, go to the park, hit a ball, get excited, get active again. Where I hadn’t been for a while.” – Kelly

As a person who has dealt with anxiety since the age of twelve, I never thought I would have a grip on my emotions nor my mental health. I battled years of panic attacks that would often end with me fainting. As I matured I began to try not to think about the tasks or stressful situations that I would have to face in order to prevent these panic attacks from occurring. The technique would work some of the time, but there were times where it wouldn’t, and that was what I feared the most. I was frightened that if I told anyone about my anxiety they would think of it as an illness so I rarely mentioned my internal battle. I dealt with my troubles in silence and tried my best to explain away my fainting spells so I wouldn’t alarm anyone of what was truly causing the problem. It was anxiety. It wasn’t until my first session with Dr. Klara Gubacs that I began to face my fears, my anxiety issues, and my will to get a hold of my emotions and mental health. During our session I stopped running away from something that I knew was a problem for most of my life. It was my battle with OCD and that fact that I experienced anxiety on a daily basis. Dr. Gubacs taught me how to address my “Issues”, what’s causing the anxiety. It was with her help that I began to embrace my fears, and her teaching methods would help rid me of my anxiety issues. I’ve used her methods for anxiety issues such as up and coming events or tasks, as well as finding a way to incorporate it into my daily life to battle my OCD issues. I stand here today a changed woman. I’ve learned to let go of things that would usually cause panic attacks and most importantly, I’ve learned to love myself flaws and all. Without Dr. Gubacs’s guidance I don’t know if I could have achieved the type of self-esteem and self love I have today. There’s no more hiding or bottling up my emotions. Family, friends, and peers notice the change and so have I. I’ve begun to take a calmer and more positive approach to life and I love it! I continue to use the methods I learned whenever I feel anxiety and it never fails to steer me away from the negative thoughts and emotions running through my mind. I stand behind Dr. Gubacs’s sessions and her methods. I recommend it to anyone who experiences anxiety and hope that it changes your life as much as it has changed mine. RG

“Her ability to deliver this message, her passion to engage the audience, her presence on stage, left a lasting impression.” – Sasha 

I have been using Dr. Gubacs’s therapies for the past year. My attitude, the way I handle my emotions, and being able to bring myself to a positive place starts with what I’ve learned from using her methods. When I first started I had to use them a lot more frequently. No matter where I was: work, home, grad class, or even at times driving (safely doing it of course) when I felt certain triggers. I have seen a big turnaround in the way I feel emotionally and mentally, which ultimately improved how I felt physically too. Dr. Gubacs has been a great therapist and coach. She made sure to be available to me anytime I felt I couldn’t do it on my own or needed some extra guidance. One time, at a workshop she held and I attended, I had a real life example happen when a trigger came on. Long story short, I found out that my best friend’s father passed suddenly from cancer. Dr. Gubacs immediately rushed over to me when she saw me sobbing. She instantly started using her therapy right in front of those who were there. She was able to bring me back to a positive place in a matter of minutes. Without a doubt I believe that Dr. Gubacs’s therapy and coaching works and will help you feel better. Thanks to Dr. Gubacs’s work with me, I am  now a happy and mentally healthy person. Erin Keenan

Hi Professor Gubacs! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I wanted to message you about the course evaluation but its more on a personal note as well. Most people take athletic classes because its easy and you do not have to do much. I did not know that this class would teach me so much and inspire my life the way it did so including the evaluation, I just want to let you know what I have accomplished from this class. When you told us about the 2-week plan it caught my attention; I wanted to try it to see where it would take me. Professor, unfortunately I’ve been smoking for the last 8 years of my life and I know that I’m young and its ruining my body, my skin, everything! I’ve noticed I look more aged, skin color is changing and many other things! I just want to say for the FIRST time in 8 years I have not touched a cigarette going on to almost 3 months and I personally want to thank you for that achievement. (Its SO huge for me) Unfortunately I did gain weight from it but I will use what you taught me in class to lose it though! Another thing, your anti-anxiety method. It has really helped me calm down! I used it before my exam and thought positively and I did exceptional! I was worried because that class was heading in the wrong direction for some time so this was a big win for me as a student! Also, I meditate every single day now, no matter what. I meditate to calm down, to take a quick nap or if I’m having a hard time sleeping. It’s gone to the point that my friend would come over a lot of the time just so she could meditate with me! I think she loves it more than I do! There are so many other things that you have helped me accomplish but if I write them all down I could write a book! I have never had such a positive energy, fun, “let’s do this” attitude professor in my life. I’m not trying to be a teacher’s pet or anything, I just feel like I need to take the time out to let you know how right you’re doing everything! What got me motivated in the first place was your energy, it’s contagious in the best way possible! It makes me want to run 15 miles! What kept me motivated is that you’re not a teacher, you’re a leader! You don’t just tell us to do things, you do them WITH us! And that just makes me want to do our workout even harder! Especially with you cheering us on in the background. You give us examples every single class, you remind us to keep pushing and trying and you really do believe in your class, it really does show! I want to personally thank you for everything you have shown/ taught us in this class! It has been one heck of a ride this semester but you have more than prevailed in reaching us! Do not stop whatever you are doing! I don’t want anything influencing your incredible demeanor! Again, thank you for everything and I hope you have a wonderful break! (And Happy Holidays!) Narmina Pinkhas

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