Dr. Klara is a sought-after speaker for events.

Dr. Klara’s coaching has helped countless women transform their personal and professional lives by cutting out the drama, discovering their inner genius, regaining their confidence and freeing themselves from negative beliefs and past traumas.

Dr. Klara’s style is entertaining, empowering and engaging. She uses real-life stories to connect with her audience and teaches a number of tools and strategies which leaves them buzzing, inspired and with a notebook full of valuable tips and tricks to implement in their own lives so they can start living life on their terms.

Dr. Klara is available for speaking engagements at keynote presentations, workshops, Q&A style live events, conferences, educational talks in schools or universities and small, intimate events.

Dr. Gubacs is an incredibly upbeat and motivating person.  She has been a huge inspiration in my journey of self-discovery by pushing me to stretch outside of my comfort zone and never settle for the bare minimum. Her warm but tough personality allows her to always speak to motivate, and she genuinely wants the best for every person she encounters.  One of the most valuable things that Dr. Gubacs has taught me is that we never stop learning, and has demonstrated this in her teaching and coaching.  She has an incredible thirst for knowledge and strives to help anyone in search of guidance, by finding the best method to reach each person in his or her own growth and learning processes.  She is a driven and passionate woman who loves to help and will do whatever is necessary to offer the best advice full of practical ideas and encouragement.  If she is unsure of something, she is not afraid to say so, but will do the necessary research to provide a response to almost any question and will do whatever she can to help an individual achieve their goals.  Dr. Gubacs is a loyal and genuine person, whose transparent integrity and compassion allows her to make an impact on anyone she meets. Shannon Rampton

I am a recent graduate of the Exercise Science & Physical Education MA program at Montclair State University. My dream is to have my own wellness business. However, I realized that to start working more intelligently towards my future I needed to work on some personal issues. These were mainly: my tendency to stress myself over every little thing in my life; my lack of confidence in some aspects of life;, and finally some persistent thoughts I had about myself and how I live my life that were an obstacle to reaching my full potential. That’s how, having met Dr. Klara at the university, I decided to enroll in her coaching program for women. I had worked with Dr. Klara before and I was always drawn to her positive energy towards everything, and when I had my first exploratory session with her I was impressed by how insightful she was after sharing only a few details of my life. What she said in that session resonated very much with me, and I could see that she understood what my issues were and how to address them. Something I really enjoy about our sessions with Dr. Klara is how she goes directly to the issue and catches all of us before we keep repeating the pattern, and she always does it in the most pleasant and fun way. After a few of these coaching sessions I have been able to change some of my thought patterns for the better. I was able to achieve this by recognizing which patterns needed changing, and by acquiring some useful tools to apply on my own to make these changes. Now, I am more aware of the things I think and say to others, and I am able to stop any negative behavior I might engage in when it comes to my self-image. This coaching group has greatly improved my daily life, and now I feel ready to tackle any future challenges it might bring. Maria Gabriela Hernandez Cunto

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