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Featured on Thought Catalog: So you may ask why an otherwise “rule abiding” citizen would suddenly urge you to make your own rules? Well I give you a comparatively brief synopsis.
Featured on Your Shift Matters Podcast: In this episode, Dr. Klara Gubacs talks about facing one of the scariest moments in her life. Listen as she talks about encountering her “perfect storm” causing her world to collapse around her. We talk about facing one of the scariest moments in her life and the huge revelation that lead to her recovery and, ultimately, her success.
Featured on WEEU 830’s Straight Talk: How to Survive Life’s Perfect Storms, by Professor, Performance Coach, Speaker, and Author, Klara Gubacs-Collins, Ph.D, is “A Guide To Managing Personal, Career and Relationship Transitions”. This high energy guest will inform, motivate, and inspire you to answer the knock on your door that has been calling you everyday, to make that change you’ve always wanted to do, but lacked the “confidence” to actually do it. Listen over and over to this interview, and then get the book, that just might change your life!
Featured on The Neil Haley Show:  The Total Tutor Neil Haley interviews Dr. Klara Gubacs, Author of How to Survive Life’s Perfect Storms.
Featured on BlogTalkRadio: Viki Winterton interviews Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins on Expert Insights Radio.
Featured on BlogTalkRadio: Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins, author of How to Survive Life’s Perfect Storms, is a Peak Performance Expert who teaches how to discover your inner genius through the power of play!

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