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You can do what you set your mind to . . .

Are you doing what’s important to you or are you too busy helping others?

Are you being pulled in all directions or are you trying to keep too many plates in the air?

Are you feeling guilty when you stop to catch your breath?

The Winning Mind blueprint gives you the tools you need to find the answers to these questions. Whatever the question may be, the answer is not outside of you. The answers to your questions, to your problems, are inside of you.

Dr. Klara’s coaching has helped countless women transform their personal and professional lives by cutting out the drama, discovering their inner genius, regaining their confidence and freeing themselves from negative beliefs and past traumas.

Meet Dr. Klara

Dr. Klara Gubacs-Collins (Dr. Klara), a winning mindset expert, speaker and author has heard the term “winning mindset” defined in numerous ways. Is it positive thinking or confidence? Or is it the ability to define and live in one’s zone of genius? Is it meant only for the chosen few? Or, is it for anyone who applies the proper principles in the right sequence to discover their strengths?

With twenty-five years of teaching, speaking, and real-life mentoring experience, Dr. Klara’s view is radically different. “Dr.G”, as her students fondly call her, believes that a winning mindset is a sense of quiet confidence resulting from the combination of finding your inner genius, cutting out the drama in your life and letting go of negative beliefs and past traumas. Her expertise stems from multiple championships in a variety of sports, years of study and working hard on her own mindset and overcoming numerous obstacles to achieve many proud accomplishments in her life.


Dr. Klara teaches a unique blend of physical, mental and emotional skills for her clients to bring them from contender to champion in sports, business and life.

Educational & Challenging




“Dr Klara teaches skills to navigate any situation, without bringing “Drama” along for the ride. She empowered me to stand tall, armed with confidence to face life’s toughest, heart-wrenching circumstances, tempering the anxiety that follows me around daily. She has also gotten me on the next path to fulfill my personal goals with renewed energy and a new spark for life.” – Tammy

Are you ready to go from Contender to Champion?

There are times when you’re trying to break through your limits and become the champion that you are truly meant to be, but you feel like you just can’t deliver your best.

So many of us know we have more inside of us. We know that we can be better, but there’s something in our subconscious stopping us. We may even be good now, but we can be GREAT.

Are you ready to be bold, be confident and live the life of your dreams?

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